The Biden Administration Will Destroy The US With Its Energy Policy

If you have been at a Zen retreat for the last three months, you probably did not budget for the 7 dollar gas to get you back from the middle of the forest. Biden’s attack on American energy, coupled with the embargo on Russian oil, has created the instant situation of skyrocketing fuel prices. Instead of unleashing the American energy sector by opening pipelines, issuing new leases and easing regulations on drilling, the president has decided to go to different dictators than Putin for more oil. Americans are beginning to realize that dependence on foreign energy might not be such a good idea. Unfortunately, the Biden administration is living in Unicorn Fairy Land.

Brian Deese seems to think he is in the alien technology timeline to pull unlimited energy from crashed alien tourist ships in Idaho. Okay, he may be referring to green energy as the method to get fossil fuel use to zero. Still, it might be the “we are going to kill everyone in World War III plan to get to zero emissions” that is unfolding. These are not serious people. They think the American public is buying what they are shoveling. We are not.

Even Elon Musk knows we cannot go wholly green and need to drill immediately.

The Biden administration wants gas prices to go up to force the American economy off its dependence on fossil fuels. The problem is that renewables are inconsistent and increase the nation’s dependence on energy imports. Ask Germany how they plan to heat their homes without Putin’s natural gas.

There may be a day when we can solve the issues with wind, solar and hydroelectric, but we are not anywhere near a point where we can transition off fossil fuels without everyone starving. As usual, the Democrats are not letting reality get in the way of what they want to do. The rest of us are left to pay for it.