The Chinese Government is Laughing in Biden’s Face

On Saturday, Joe Biden put out a disgraceful tweet, targeting oil companies for the current gas prices in America. Biden demanded that gas stations reduce the cost of gas, despite policies that have made U.S. energy far harder and more expensive to come upon.

This message was taken to the woodshed by Republicans who pointed out the inconsistencies between Biden’s rhetoric and the reforms he’s pushed.

The president talks about the need to give Americans relief at the gas pumps; yet, he’s blocking domestic energy production. Biden lectures about the need for oil drilling; yet, his reforms actively block oil drilling from taking place.

To make matters worse, Biden’s tweet lashing out at U.S. gas stations received a response from a top official within the Chinese regime.

A Slap in the Face of America
Chinese state official Chen Weihua replied to Biden’s tweet, mocking the president and the capitalism of America’s free market.

Weihua claimed Biden is now, at last, able to see that “exploitation” is what capitalism is all about. He also made sure to claim Biden previously failed to arrive at this realization.

China also remains one of this country’s top competitors. For them to openly mock America in this way shows how far our nation has fallen regarding respect on the world stage.

While holding a press conference in Spain, Biden said Americans will be forced to deal with high gas prices until Russia is defeated – which could take quite a while, at this point.

America is Back?
Biden’s been consistently claiming the United States is “back” with him holding the presidency. Many Americans beg to differ.

On more than one occasion, world leaders have made a fool of Biden, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Months ago, the Russian regime openly laughed at Biden’s sanctions, saying Putin doesn’t care about them.

Then, just last month, French President Emmanuel Macron was caught on a hot mic telling Biden that his plans to get oil from the United Arab Emirates are ultimately a non-starter.

This latest mockery from the Chinese government is just another tragic representation of how little other nations respect Biden as the leader of the United States.