The COVID Lunacy Is Far More “Lethal” Than The Virus Itself

Aggregate psychosis of COVID mania is worse than the virus itself. There, we said it. The SARS CoV-2 virus has ripped through the world’s population with a fatality rate of substantially less than 1%, but our response has been on par with a global pandemic that is killing everything it touches. And none of these government responses have considered the provenance of natural immunity in those who have recovered from the virus.

Vermont is a vigorously Democrat region. Many individuals have withdrawn themselves from reality by manipulating the state residents through scare tactics coordinated by the government and control freak media.

When evaluating your risk profile regarding COVID-19, each person should make their own decisions. Asymptomatic people are jamming trauma centers in Vermont, and other states as the COVIDstan dictatorship refuses to release our communities from the iron grip of tyranny.

Vermonters who test positive are obstructing trauma centers as if they have COVID-19 means that they are now on death’s doorstep. Rutland Regional Medical Center has been flooded with asymptomatic people seeking treatment for a virus which does not manifest any symptoms. If they want early treatment to prevent the onset of symptoms, they must seek out doctors online.

Dr. Rick Hildebrant at RRMC said that specific individuals who test positive with a fast test go to the trauma center searching for a PCR test. They should have only had the PCR in the first place if they needed a more definitive result.

The Vermont Hospital Association reported that they have the available beds to treat patients who need it, but staffing is troublingly low. RRMC clinical staff considers people freaking out and can’t care for the ER people.

The leftist media has persuaded many people in the US that COVID-19 is still exceptionally destructive for young, healthy individuals. When asymptomatic people go to the ER looking for reasons to shut down their lives, this is a mass psychosis on a grand scale.

Democrats and liberals in the media have caused dread around COVID-19. It has driven a massive portion of the populace into dysfunctional behavior.

New York City is a liberal stronghold on the East Coast. In many cases, national Presidential popular vote numbers can be primarily traced to the city. NYPD officers are being brought in because individuals are mobbing COVID-19 testing centers. As if they have nothing better to do than body check crazed moms with their children.

COVID tests should only be needed when you have met the essential criteria: direct contact with another positive person or symptoms yourself. Testing asymptomatic individuals who weren’t infected is a massive waste of time and resources to damage our county.

Democrats from the anti-President Joe Biden and the Biden-Harris maladministration must come clean. Fauci must be removed, and a credible scientist must explain the dangers of COVID-19 in clear terms. People under 50 without comorbidities face a minor risk, and preventive vitamins and treatment when needed are the best approaches to dealing with the virus.

Omicron is the control group. It allows us to see that a mild strain of the virus demonstrates that mutations and variants are weaker than the original virus and thus highlighting the waning efficacy of the shots, which did not work that well in the first place. It was preventable if Americans learned that Democrats lie and want to destroy this nation. Let us pray for a Great Awakening in 2022.