The Democrats’ cognitive dissonance

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Why do so many Democrats look, sound, and act insane? Because they suffer terribly from “cognitive dissonance.”

To be a card-carrying child of the left, one must hold a variety of conflicting ideas as true, regardless of whether they conform with each other, or worse, with reality. And when you deny reality, let’s face it, you’re mentally disturbed.

For a perfect example of the cognitive dissonance loyal Dems must endure, take United States assistant secretary for health and four-star admiral “Rachel” Levine.

Start with the absurd belief that Levine should be a major player in the public health sphere. As Pennsylvania’s secretary of health, Levine was responsible for the policy forcing the state’s nursing homes and long-term care facilities to accept COVID-19 patients who’d been treated at local hospitals. This policy caused immeasurable suffering and countless deaths and, on its own, should have resulted in Levine getting canned or resigning in disgrace.

But wait, it gets better!

Levine might have pleaded ignorance to the deleterious effects of exposing the most vulnerable to the Wuhan flu. However, shortly after that terrible policy was implemented, Levine’s mom, age 95, was abruptly moved out of a Pennsylvania care facility and given safe haven. It would appear Levine was OK with other people’s mothers dying of COVID-19, just not Mama Levine.

Despite that, Levine was given a plum federal position and a nice pay raise by our increasingly senile president or whoever makes his decisions for him — and then given both again by being made a four-star admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.

But wait, there’s more!

You see, Rachel Levine is also the first female four-star admiral. This despite Levine being a male, né Richard Levine, who later married a woman and had two children with her. Later still, Levine divorced, had “sex-change” surgery, donned some groovy “cat eye” glasses, and adopted the same hairstyle as Grandmama from The Addams Family. Although Levine may fervently wish to be a lady, it is hoped that the admiral remains wise enough to seek out regular prostate exams.

To a Democrat, Levine is just the ticket to make national health policy despite having potentially killed thousands of nursing home residents in Pennsylvania.

To a Democrat, Levine is a historic woman, despite being born Richard, fathering two children, and possessing unalterable male DNA as well as a prostate.

If you believe that Rachel Levine is a woman, and worthy of promotion after an awful performance in Pennsylvania, you are the very poster child for cognitive dissonance.

Or you’re nuts.