The FDA is Not Responsible For Biden’s Baby Formula Shortage

For weeks, a baby formula shortage has been wreaking havoc on the United States. It has even landed some infants in the hospital.

The White House has naturally been called to act and respond to this life or death crisis. Babies’ lives literally hang in the balance; meanwhile, the Biden administration has been advising parents to phone their pediatricians to get samples of formula amid the shortage.

Sadly, pediatricians don’t have samples to deliver. Later, the White House boasted about recent formula shipments that arrived from Germany. This new supply of formula is not going to last nearly as long as Biden wants people to think.

As the baby formula shortage poses a PR nightmare for the White House, some figures in the media have suggested the blame lies with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This claim doesn’t hold water, though, upon further review of the situation.

The True Culprit of America’s Baby Formula Shortage
On multiple occasions, the media has presented the following narrative: because the FDA shut down Abbott Nutrition’s plant once babies got sick after consuming formula, the FDA owns this current shortage.

Of course, Biden is all too eager to run with this narrative. Nevertheless, the truth does not bear this out.

In reality, the blame for the baby formula shortage lies at Biden’s feet. For months on end, the president and his administration were aware of the incoming shutdown of a top baby formula manufacturer.

Yet, despite having this knowledge, the White House failed to put in place a contingency plan before things spiraled out of control. Only when the baby formula shortage got especially dire did the Biden administration publicly address this issue and have new formula shipments sent in from Germany.

The media doesn’t want Americans to know this. However, it is a reality that neither Biden nor his allies can escape.

Continued Issues With Baby Formula
FDA Commissioner Robert Califf has terrible news on the trajectory of Biden’s baby formula shortage. Due to the current status of the situation, Americans can expect these shortages to persist through the month of July.

Califf confirmed that eight weeks’ time will need to pass before baby formula availability is back to its current glory. Had the White House acted on the knowledge it had dating several months back, infants would likely not be in hospitals today.

This is, yet again, an example of the White House being asleep at the wheel, only to take action when it’s far too late.