The FDA is Spreading Outright Misinformation

During this year alone, there’s been a lot of talk about so-called “misinformation.” This has become a buzzword that Democrats use when they want the opposition to be censored.

Democrats claim to want to protect the general public from misinformation. However, all they really care about is ensuring that Democrat-supported viewpoints, policies, etc., are the only things Americans have access to.

This is why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now alleging that “misinformation” is the top cause of death in the United States, per PJ Media.

A New Low in Democrats’ Censorship Campaign
During a radio interview, FDA commissioner Robert Califf had the gall to claim that misinformation is causing the most deaths in the nation. Califf even said that he’s been telling this to U.S. lawmakers in Congress.

However, when the FDA commissioner was pressed on these remarks and asked to provide supportive data, that’s when the whole thing fell apart.

Califf admitted that he had zero way of “quantifying” what he was saying. This was the FDA commissioner’s fancy way of admitting that he was lying to further a left-wing, pro-censorship agenda.

Later, he tried to redirect with various talking points about America’s life expectancy rates, different causes of death, COVID vaccines and more.

Califf’s crusade against misinformation is truly ironic because he’s the one spreading it. The top cause of death in America is not misinformation. If it were, the FDA commissioner, with all the resources at his disposal, could have produced supportive evidence.

Why Americans Don’t Trust Healthcare Officials Anymore
Over the past two years, healthcare officials have demonstrated their willingness to lie to the American public. In their minds, the ends justify the means.

This is no different than what Califf tried to pull. The events since 2020 ultimately show that people need to be very careful when listening to “experts.” Being smart, or having attended a good school, doesn’t bestow good moral character onto a person.

The experts misled millions of Americans. Every American should be aware of this and make their decisions accordingly, going forward.