The Great Walkout Accelerates As State Trooper Quits With Public Message Over Vaccine Mandates

Because of the Internet, when future historians and everyone else look back on this period in history, they will have a staggering number of extant records of what you and others said and did in 2020. And how the Covid criers constantly lied and contradicted themselves. The time we just lived through is entirely unlike any period before it in human history, for how many records will survive into the future forever.

When future generations look back and read and watch everything we have saved online over the last two years, they will nearly universally agree that the Covid-19 crisis was intentionally and intensely hoaxed up, causing trillions of dollars in senseless financial devastation and untold lives lost as a result of the hoaxed up crisis’ earth-shattering disruptions to medicine and food and mental health.

Who would do such a thing to their fellow man? Of course, a global conspiracy of state actors and their auxiliary support tentacles that reach out from Washington, New York City, and other elite power centers into the pockets of the money resourceful and the very words and thoughts of the media influential. 

At first, the American public naively trusted that their politicians and journalists would not tell such a big lie and would not lie to everyone about something so serious. That is tragically adorable.

Regardless of political affiliation in the U.S. or personal philosophy or economist alignments, everyone knows the truth. We all know that politicians and journalists are some of the most immoral, decadent, evil people on the face of the planet. They are a dual predatory or parasitic class of people who take from the people who make. They steal our money. They steal our freedom. They steal our prerogatives. They steal our sanity.

Yet we trusted them because we were too embarrassed ‘for their sake’ that anyone could be so malicious, could lie so brazenly, could intend in their heart of hearts to hurt us and to do lasting devastation to their society, just for a turn at feeling powerful by bossing others around, controlling them, harassing, abusing, and bullying them, just for a turn at the wheel of power steering the vehicle of psychopathic, reactionary establishmentarianism.

Well, now, finally, as we near the end of 2021, Americans have seen the mask come off and know now that what we are dealing with is not a reasonable disagreement among friends, allies, and mutual stakeholders in the same mutually beneficial future. No, not that. Not that at all. We’re now fighting for everything dear to us against powerful forces that want to destroy it ‘for the sake of destruction,’ who want to destroy what’s good in this world ‘because it is good.’

Over the weekend, the defiant police radio broadcast and signoff of a vaccine mandate resistor went viral. Washington State Trooper Robert LaMay got into his patrol car and spoke into the radio for the last time Friday night.

Referring to his personal medical decision not to get the elective, invasive medical procedure, LaMay said, “This is my final signoff. After twenty-two years of serving the citizens in the state of Washington, I’m being asked to leave because I am ‘dirty.’”