The Imperative Nature Of A Conservative Uprising

The past almost two years have shown the extent of left-wing tyranny and the true intention of the Democrat Party. 

Democrats shut down the businesses and jobs of people. Then, they stated these people were selfish for daring to complain about the loss of their livelihoods. Leftists also didn’t hesitate to declare that sure folks’ jobs weren’t “essential,” therefore rendering them expendable. Since 2020, Democrats have imposed mask mandates and vaccine mandates. 

There are areas where you cannot enter indoor places without showing a COVID vaccination card. For all of this and so much more, a conservative uprising in America is profoundly imperative, as documented by Life Site News.

Right now, we are living in very testy and uncertain times. Notwithstanding, one reality is apparent. If conservatives do not stand up against the tyrannical left, we literally will not have a nation any longer. In the America Democrats want, freedom would amount to nothing more than a relic from previous times. 

A vital part of a conservative uprising means defeating COVID vaccine mandates once and for all. The government, nor the public or private sectors, has the authority to insert a needle into an individual’s body.

Like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis started last week, conservatives will only do more if they can’t stand up and stop what Democrats are doing with these mandates. DeSantis has been one of the strongest leaders on the frontlines, fighting for the rights of Floridians and Americans in general. 

The Democrats have made it clear they do not give a hoot about freedom. While engaging in a CNN town hall event, Biden outrightly laughed and scoffed at the word “freedom.” He also stated that anyone who does not comply with his medical regulations should be fired. 

It is the face of the Democratic Party. They are tyrants, not reasonable folks who disagree on some policy issues.

The first move for conservatives to make is pushing back against the medical mandates and assaults on Americans’ jobs. Any job is essential when it puts food on the table and lets folks feed their families. 

Many Republican leaders, business groups, and religious associations have already brought lawsuits against the Biden administration over its vaccine mandates. However, in places like Los Angeles and New York City, where leftists dominate the government, the situation is grimmer. 

To make a long story short, conservatives must counter and defeat the left’s tyranny for the sake of America’s future. It is the point we’ve reached in 2021.