The Left is Hiding that Republicans are Winning the Culture War

The public school system has become a breeding ground for the leftist agenda to be pushed on the youth. However, polls show that things are looking up for Republicans, much to the dismay of liberal teachers unions.

The second-largest teachers union in America is making it known that its liberal members are not happy about more Republicans getting involved in public education.

The American Federation of Teachers released a surprising poll that showed voters in swing states are most likely voting for Republican candidates in the midterm elections. Based on the poll, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin look promising for the GOP.

Democrats hit back and accused Republicans of politicizing the hyper-politicized school environment.

Looking closer at the polling details, it doesn’t look as promising for Republicans as initially seen. Regarding the public’s trust, the GOP only leads the Democratic Party by 1%. Furthermore, Democrats have long since held the majority when it comes to education issues.

The president of the American Federation of Teachers tried to downplay the poll results in her speech.

First Lady Jill Biden headlined the speech at the union’s 87th biennial convention when Randi Weingarten made it clear she is very hardened to her leftist principles. “Too many politicians … stoke grievances rather than solve problems. They should be helping us help our kids and our communities, not making it harder with their culture wars and division,” Weingarten said.

Weingarten is a strong proponent of teaching children critical race theory in school and she also advocated for keeping schools shut down due to COVID.

“Instead of banning books and censoring curriculums, Democrats are focused on investing in our schools,” the teacher union president continued.

“The AFT is also urging parents and teachers to take action — by voting against politicians who are focused on things like book banning, culture wars, and injecting division into our classrooms, rather than investing in mental health resources, literacy programs, and efforts to reduce class sizes,” Weingarten said.

Weingarten makes it clear that critical race theory and children accessing inappropriate sexual books is not a political issue in her mind. However, she thinks that Republicans who stand against these types of things in the classroom are actually politicizing the issues.

While the poll doesn’t give Republicans a sure-fire win, it does provide a little hope that maybe the GOP is at least keeping up with the culture war with Democrats, particularly regarding public education.