The Leftist Mob Is Now Targeting A Small Business

Over the past several years, America has witnessed the danger of an increasingly hostile left-wing mob.

Summer 2020, when businesses and communities were terrorized by Black Lives Matter activists, is one huge example. Even before this time, Trump supporters were being physically targeted by left-wing activists on college campuses, oftentimes on video.

Unfortunately, the mob has only gotten worse with time. Emboldening it is none other than Joe Biden, who wrote off millions of pro-Trump patriots as “semi-fascists.”

Now, the mob is going after anyone, even small businesses, daring to be seen with supporters of the America First movement.

A Story That Should Alarm Every American
Not too long ago, the California-based Tres Chiles Picosos restaurant posted a photo with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell after he visited the establishment. It just so happens that various employees of Tres Chiles Picosos are customers of MyPillow.

After this photograph was posted, the radical left went nuts. Tres Chiles Picosos was bombarded with online trolls, nasty phone messages, and demands to boycott the establishment.

What’s most ironic about all of this is that Tres Chiles Picosos wasn’t even making a political statement by posting a photo with Lindell. The MyPillow CEO was the first famous individual to enter the establishment.

Moreover, the restaurant was clear that it would have taken a photo with anyone of this stature, whether it was Lindell, Joe Biden, or another big name. Though even if Tres Chiles Picosos were making a political statement, it still wouldn’t justify the venom from the left wing.

Bullies Don’t Win
Tres Chiles Picosos has been clear that despite the backlash, it will not take down the photo with Lindell. This means the angry mob going after this small business will just have to get over its frustrations with the image.

On social media, the California-based business is getting accolades for refusing to cede ground to left-wing bullies. Conservatives especially are noting that Tres Chiles Picosos’ decision to stand its ground is how others should react when the mob tries to cancel them.

In light of these latest developments, one can only question if this new hatred from leftists was fueled by Biden claiming Trump-supporting Republicans are “semi-fascists” who need to be contained.