The Magical Late-Ballot Fairy Arrived In Arizona And Lake Is Calling BS

Kari Lake, the Republican nominee in the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election, is not quite ready to accept defeat in the state of Arizona.

Media outlets began projecting Lakes’ loss on Monday, Nov. 14, one week after Election Day. Late Monday evening, Lake tweeted, “Arizonans know BS when they see it.”

Lake went up against Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs in a (one-sided) heated battle for governor. In the race for governor, Lake used an unconventional campaigning strategy that utilized a “boots on the ground” approach.

On the contrary, Hobbs refused to debate Lake despite many attempts made by Lake to have a face-to-face debate. Hobbs’ campaign strategy was similar in fashion to the sitting President, Joe Biden- hang out in the basement and rely on ballot harvesting to do its job.

Lake has been a bulldog when it comes to standing up for election integrity, specifically in fraud-ridden Maricopa County.

In an October interview with ABC News, she was asked if she would concede if her opponent won. Her answer was clear, “I will accept the results of this election if we have a fair, honest and transparent election. Absolutely, 100%.”

It seems like deja vu for Maricopa County residents who reportedly ran into a variety of issues on Election Day in the form of hours in line, being turned away from voting locations and broken vote tabulators.

Many Republicans know the name of the DNC election game is ballot harvesting and have been well-prepared and ready to fight back on election fraud. Country music star, Travis Tritt, has even offered Lake his advice on how to handle a supposed Hobbs win. “I’m not a politician, but (for what it’s worth) my advice to Kari Lake would be to not concede,” Tritt posted to Truth Social.

Hobbs has come out of her basement now that the ballots have been fluffed in her favor and gave a stark warning for opponents who engage in obstructionism, misinformation or extremism to “take note of the results of this election.” Lake undoubtedly will.