The Remain in Mexico Policy is Coming to an End

During the Trump administration, the Remain in Mexico policy was put in place as a means of avoiding chaos in the immigration process.

In a nutshell, Remain in Mexico ensured that migrants seeking asylum in the United States had to wait outside of the nation ahead of their legal hearings. Naturally, this was criticized by Democrats.

Meanwhile, Republicans explained that Remain in Mexico played a vital role in preventing migrants from being let into the country prematurely, only to never show up for their asylum hearings.

With the green light from the Supreme Court, the Biden-led Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is preparing to completely gut Remain in Mexico.

Another Blow to Immigration Protocols
Critics of illegal immigration have warned this problem will get worse if Biden goes through with canning the effective, Trump-era policy. However, Biden’s been clear that he perceives Remain in Mexico to be wrong and dangerous to migrants.

With no objections from the Supreme Court, the Homeland Security Department is confirming that migrants in Mexico waiting on asylum decisions here in the states are not going to have to remain outside the country.

As Biden clears the way for migrants to wait in the country for their asylum hearings to occur, there’s been no documented plan to ensure these migrants show up accordingly. The timeframe for these rulings can also vary.

Many Americans have now expressed deep reservations about what the removal of this policy will mean for public safety and immigration laws.

Business as Usual For the White House
On Tuesday afternoon, the Biden administration defended its choice to dismantle Remain in Mexico amid record levels of illegal immigration.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre branded Remain in Mexico as both “ineffective” and “inhumane.” Meanwhile, there were no clear statements from the White House about how the removal of this policy will impact the rates of illegal immigration.

The takedown of Remain in Mexico comes amid reports of the White House approving migrants having access to both ID cards and even social security numbers.

As the border crisis worsens, left-wing immigration advocates are encouraging the president to grant migrants pathways to US citizenship.