The Turtle Mitch Mcconnell Has Discovered The Secret To Success Negotiate With Yourself


Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY), the undeniably skilled political operator once positioned atop the legislative mountain, is still climbing his way back.

Mitch is trying to nudge the Democrats to alter the budget proposal. But it is just not working. During a speech on the Capital Floor in Washington, D.C., McConnel explained, “Just this morning, we learned that runaway inflation is continuing to hit working American families and strike them. Consumer prices spiked in June considerably more than had been forecast. Inflation is up 5.4 percent year-on-year, the fastest jump in about 13 years. Stunningly, it’s up 0.9 percent just month over month.” As if this is going to prevent Democrats from accelerating the process of Inflation with colossal spending increases.

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY) has indicated that he has a bill, but you cannot see it yet. Seriously, he is still working on it. Trust him. When Chuck You Schumer says that he has a bipartisan infrastructure deal, Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski are on board.

The Biden-Harris Administration wants Congress to pass The American Rescue Plan to save “infrastructure and families,” which means that this bill is a boondoggle for Democrat special interest groups.

Look, here is the way this works. The bill and budget are already primarily written. Every Democrat Congressperson knows the boilerplate-ready spending that is an inducement to special interests, lobbyists, cronies, and autocratic Marxist companies or organizations. It’s just a question of tweaking around the edges. Remember the famous cornhusker kickback for Republican Sen. Ben Nelson’s vote? That is the standard operating procedure in the DC Swamp.

Democrat lawyers and staffers have compiled the laundry list of policies into a plug-and-play language that maximizes the personal benefits to Democrats and destroys their enemies, you. Democrat Senator Joe Manchin revealed the game when he said that the Senate could pass a smaller bill and then get everything and more in a bloated bill during reconciliation.

Reading the tea leaves, we are left to ask, what is really in this bill?

First, crushing debt. But what is new? We have already spent $6 trillion on the COVID-19 relief bill. That is enough money to send every one of the 122.8 million American households $48,859.93. If you did not receive that amount, ask yourself: where did the rest of the money go? Our government debt is already out of control. These baby boomer Congressmen have spent money like a drunken adolescent on spring break. They will never see the bill. The national debt of $28.5 billion will soon surpass our GDP. Remember that tipping point?

Second, more Medicare. These third entitlements are unsustainable and will fail, so why not load them up even more. If you respond that we don’t have any money, see item number one. According to the annual report of trustees from last year, the hospital program and trust fund will be bankrupt in 2026. This year’s report was due on April 1st. They asked for an extension like a neglectful student. Who thinks that the situation has improved?

Third, repair infrastructure. Even if, and that is a big IF, our country needed an enormous infrastructure overhaul instead of the routine deferred maintenance, development programs, and grants through state departments of transportation that we have used this bill will spend money that will never see the light of day as a road, bridge, airport, rail, or port.

Republican Senator Rob Portman (OH) is hopeful that he can work with Democrats and stab Americans in the back, “As of late last night, and early this morning, we now have an agreement on the major issues. We are prepared to move forward.”

Mitch McConnell will not kill this bill. He’s been around too long to expect that he can stop this runaway train like spiderman. He will not stick his neck out with such a thinly divided 50/50 Senate. Instead, we will get more strongly worded tweets that are much more respectable than most of Donald Trump’s and capitulation.