The United States And It’s Faustian Bargain With Biden

America was confronted with a profound quandary, the horns of which were to re-elect Donald Trump unfathomable and unimaginable to millions or settle for Joe Biden. It was a Faustian deal in which Americans, concerned for their country’s future and democratic well-being, were prepared to give up some of their values and rights in exchange for a win that may cost them a lot. It ultimately cost people dearly. America has accepted violence, compulsion and lawlessness by accepting Joe Biden. Dark impulses kill their souls, weaken their principles and convert the republic into a political system they no longer recognize. They have come to regard criminality and disdain for the rule of law as usual.

Moreover, not since 1863 have they been so divided, realigned and committed to the idea that all men are born oppressors and oppressed. They live in a fearful America, where mob fury and physical action have become national hobbies by settling for Joe Biden. Looters and demonstrators celebrate the smoke, flames and sirens of insurrection with nihilistic abandon as Antifa, BLM and want anarchists to act out like pugnacious thugs.

By opting for Joe Biden, people are taught that Enlightenment principles have failed them and are relics of a discredited past that should be abandoned in favor of more progressive ideas. Defunding the police enhances safety. Thinking about gender changes it and new racism cures old racism. To guarantee their children’s expected growth, they must conceal them, kill their innocence and ruin their self-esteem. Government expenditure on a grand scale will lead to prosperity.

Therefore they are witnessing the re-emergence of the vast racial divide and social engineering begun by Barack Obama settling for Joe Biden. The managerial state’s authority has come to bear and there are ominous signals that it is spiraling out of control. They’ve settled for a troubled, petty man who lacks a definite set of ideas to guide his decisions and actions. “Unlimited power is prone to corrupt the minds of those who wield it,” William Pitt cautioned, and where the law stops, tyranny starts.