The US Military’s Focus Is On ‘Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion,’ Meanwhile ‘Threats’ From Russia And China Mounting

The Russian Army continues to threaten Ukraine with a full-scale invasion. In the South China Sea, China’s increasing navy engages in aggressive tactics against US ships. The Defense Department under Joe Biden emphasizes “diversity, equity, and inclusion” in the military.

Bishop Garrison, a senior counselor to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, argues that diversity, equality, and inclusion are necessary for the US military in a paper titled “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Are Necessities in the US Military.” (General George Patton would disagree.)

Moreover, Secretary of Defense James Mattis said, “He would hope that as many leaders and individuals of the whole force as feasible perceive (diversity, equality, and inclusion) activities as a force multiplier.” He claims that there will be more inventive thinking and problem-solving when the military hires people from various backgrounds. He wants them to see the initiative to improve the military’s ability to complete crucial tasks.

According to Lt. Gen. William Garrison, head of the Army’s Reserve and Special Operations Command, diversity, equity, and inclusion should be considered “part of all military choices.” All diversity is diversity for the sake of diversity in today’s mad world of the extreme left. To claim otherwise is to lie your lying ass off, his left-wing buddies.

Furthermore, Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley have repeatedly demonstrated that they are hopelessly “dedicated to Critical Race Theory at the expense of combat readiness.” It is yet another example of America’s fighting forces’ decline in focus, or should he say a shift in focus under the current commander in chief.

“They’re making terrific progress,” Biden says of building body armor that fits women properly, modifying battle outfits for women, developing maternity flight suits, and revising hairdo regulations. Xi Jinping vomited whatever the heck he drank over his smartphone while Vladimir Putin spits a mouthful of vodka all over his rotary dial phone. Meanwhile, the Biden Clown Car continues on its way to doom along the clackety-clack rails.