The US Needs To ‘Get Tough’ On Iran To ‘Stop Violence’ In The Middle East

Yemen’s Houthi rebels are a terrorist organization. “Houthi forces have deployed banned antipersonnel landmines, recruited youngsters, and blasted artillery indiscriminately into cities like Ta’izz,” according to Human Rights Watch. “Their approach has nothing to do with the assessment of the Houthis and their awful actions,” President Joe Biden declared in early 2021.

According to the reports, President Joe Biden withdrew the Houthis on a terror list, and the consequences are now being felt in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. It was pointed out that the UAE took a massive stride in establishing political, economic, and security ties with Israel.

According to the US Central Command, Houthi rebels fired two missiles against Al-Dhafra Air Base in Abu Dhabi. Although armed forces from the United States and the United Arab Emirates “prevented both missiles from hitting the base,” it was the second time in a week that American airmen were ordered into bunkers. It is inextricably linked to America’s humiliating and violent withdrawal from Afghanistan last summer, which eroded the trust of our friends and allies in our capacity to deliver.

Moreover, war is a global activity throughout the Middle East and portions of Africa, and territory is fungible. Terrorists and their state backers have a mutually beneficial relationship. Terrorists require territory to train and hide, weapons, and official assistance. States require the capacity to cause havoc without leaving a trace. Iran is the state supporter of Houthi terrorism and atrocities.

The US strongly condemns the Houthi attack on the UAE and Saudi Arabia overnight. After a similar Houthi raid in Abu Dhabi last week, it murdered three people. If the United States refuses to name the Islamic Republic and hold it accountable, Iran will not pay the price, and the horror will continue. “The Houthis, a government-backed militia led by Yemen’s Houthi rebel group, have claimed responsibility for this strike,” the official claims. Iran was not mentioned. And none of them will.

Therefore, the Biden Administration’s unwillingness to connect the Houthi dot to the Iranian dot stems from the President’s desire to restore the Obama Administration’s flawed, abused, and expiring JCPOA (the “Iran deal”). American officials are adamant about ignoring Iran’s ballistic missile program, human rights violations, and support for proxy terror armies and militias. It is claimed that the area’s people will be unable to “better their lives” or “collectively select their own destiny” as long as Iran, the genuine sponsor of a criminal terror group, is not held accountable by the US.