The Vice President Is Completely Dodging The Border Crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris has been widely criticized since claiming the southern border is “secure.” This claim runs contrary to data from the Homeland Security Department, along with everyday occurrences at the southern border that involve individuals trying to sneak into the country.

Nevertheless, the White House is backing up Harris. Recently, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the Biden administration has taken “unprecedented” action towards securing the southern border.

Meanwhile, sanctuary cities are melting down over getting just a fraction of the migrants that Texas and Arizona deal with every single day.

Since the vice president’s remarks, leaders in border states have started having illegal immigrants dispatched right outside her home. Though as all this happens, Harris now appears to be ducking the situation altogether.

No Further Comment From Harris
Earlier this week, when the vice president spoke with press outside the White House, she was asked about the busloads of immigrants who arrived outside of her home in Washington DC. Giving no response whatsoever, Harris walked away upon being questioned about this.

Later, Harris was asked by the media about illegal immigrants being sent not just outside her home, but also to various left-wing cities. Once again, the vice president chose not to answer the question and simply distanced herself from the reporter who asked.

Video footage online just went viral of Harris’ Secret Service agents demanding for migrants who arrived outside her home to stay away from the bars.

Harris has yet to walk back her commentary about the southern border being “secure.” All things considered, Americans can expect the vice president to keep staying quiet about the issue.

A Problem That’s Not Going Away
Texas has been clear that it will continue to send migrants to various left-wing cities until the Biden administration takes real measures to secure the southern border.

While the vice president doesn’t want to further address the border crisis, states that exist on the border have to confront this issue every single day. Now, sanctuary cities can join in helping border states shoulder this burden.

Finally, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) explained that Democrats who aren’t happy about migrants arriving in their communities should turn their attention to Biden’s refusal to enforce immigration laws.