The White House is Fumbling on Baby Formula Messaging

For weeks on end now, the United States has been confronted with a very dangerous shortage of baby formula. This shortage is a life-or-death situation for infants that have needed to be hospitalized due to not getting the formula they require.

Days ago, Abbott Nutrition resumed operations at its manufacturing plant that was temporarily shut down. However, Americans are stuck waiting until the end of July before baby formula is back on shelves as it was before.

Naturally, the public is looking to the Biden administration for answers. After all, this is a White House that came into office promising to be fully transparent with the American people.

Unfortunately, this is one of many areas where the current administration is lagging.

The Latest From the White House on Baby Formula
This past Monday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked for a status update on the current shortages of baby formula nationwide. Before “answering,” the press secretary flipped through her binder for less than 30 seconds, apparently looking for notes.

Finally, Jean-Pierre responded by saying the administration has nothing new on the matter. The press secretary then followed this by stating that specific announcements were made the week prior.

Next, Jean-Pierre told the media that if reporters were interested in “coming back,” the White House could recap for them what’s already been done regarding the baby formula shortages.

Thus far, Biden has invoked the Defense Production Act to get more baby formula sent here from other nations. This has been heavily promoted by the White House. Yet, aside from that, Americans have basically just been expected to wait the whole thing out.

Backlogs and Delays
As parents and infants alike are terrorized by these baby formula shortages, the White House has been slammed for being consistently behind the curve on this issue. The administration and the federal government knew shortages would be an issue as early as February.

However, even if the White House were to take Biden’s word at face value, things still don’t look good for the administration. According to the president, he didn’t become aware of the severity of baby formula shortages until April.

However, this still doesn’t explain why Biden held off on getting new formula shipped into America until May 18. This is a period of several weeks where seemingly nothing was done.

No matter how the White House tries to frame this issue, its response to baby formula shortages in America is not good.