They Are Really Trying A Hard Communist Takeover

The Democrats in this nation are going for a hard communist take over of the country this year and since the Covid Panic of 2020. They were dreaming about it together in the pages of yore Gray Lady, the New York Times, a grand old rag, a highfalutin’ rag, that turned into a pinko commie propaganda paper for people who want to try communism in the United States.

You started hearing inklings of it in the Times throughout the years of the last decade, picking up pace in the previous years of Obama and after Trump became president, just openly fantasizing about doing communism in the United States of America, touting the benefits of it, saying Soviet Russia wasn’t so bad, saying it’s like better for your sec life to be red (no joke, there was an article like that they ran in the Times), just openly displaying wildly sympathetic views toward communism.

While I appreciate the first amendment to the constitution as an American and support free speech, probably not to Voltaire’s level, but generally speaking as a modern humanist of the enlightenment style, and to give further context, speaking as one who is not inclined to take offense to nearly anything that anyone says or does, but embraces almost all as fully as I can, without reserve, as they are, with tolerance and goodwill, who finds nearly all to whom I have bent my ear have spoken some good word to me, speaking like such a one really and honestly, I found these articles to be shocking and objectionable and questioned the judgment of the paper’s management to print these articles under its masthead.

The drive for a communist takeover in the United States, the last place on earth it would ever belong or make sense, has been long in the making, with an ongoing and concerted effort by tenured professorial university teaching staff, an entire sector charged with educating young adults in the liberal humanities generally, and preparing them to be marketable commodities in their industries, that conservatives lost to the radical left by default, without a fight, letting it slip deeper into the bizarre world, alternate dimension of public funding that at a critical mass, disconnects individual minds from the most basic and immutable incentives that characterize or world and govern our existence. El Rushbo was warning about this in the 1990s in his published books and on his AM radio show. His “shock” material is more my speed than trying communism notes.

In the United States as well as many countries today, probably almost all of them, one could probably lose their job for saying we should try National Socialism or Fascism, or saying things weren’t so bad in Germany and Italy in the 30s as the media makes it out to be, or some crap like that. A newspaper would get picketed out of existence. There are no pro-Not See or Not See friendly newspapers out there with any appreciable circulation or respect from the general public. Given that communism’s record is endlessly comparable, it is hard to believe so many of our most trusted institutions have been rooting for it here.

With the Big Lockdown of 2020, a great and terrible shock to the people of this country and the world, we got what will hopefully serve in the long run as this unfolds, as an injection against really trying out communism in America. We don’t do that here.