This Nevada County Could Hand Republicans The Senate

In Nevada, Republican Adam Laxalt is taking the fight to Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV).

Thus far, polls indicate that Laxalt could very well end up defeating the Democratic lawmaker and giving Republicans a +1 in the Senate. After all, while Las Vegas is a very liberal part of Nevada, other parts of the state have strong red roots.

In Nevada, residents have also been forced to endure the fallout from Biden’s radical agenda. This is an agenda that Masto not only supports now, but also will continue to support if she’s reelected.

Though new data about Nevada now reveals that Washoe County will play a significant role in whether Laxalt or Masto makes it across the finish line.

What Americans Should Know About Washoe County, Nevada
In Washoe County, Republicans and Democrats are basically tied when it comes to voter registration numbers. Therefore, voters who aren’t affiliated with either political party may very well end up determining how this race goes.

That could be a good thing for Laxalt. Right now, the Nevada Republican is campaigning on lowering taxes, upholding law and order, and restoring prosperity. At the same time, Washoe County is feeling the effects of Biden’s negative policies that Masto won’t oppose.

Because of how poorly things have gotten under the current administration, this could be enough for unaffiliated voters to back Laxalt over Masto. If the Republican candidate is able to win this county, he could very well take the rest of Nevada as well.

Various interviews of Washoe County residents show that community members are fed up with expensive gas costs, unaffordable housing costs, and inflation. Masto, despite seeking reelection, has not laid out a comprehensive plan to tackle these issues and bring about reform.

More Bad News For Masto
A significant part of Laxalt’s campaign involves not only highlighting his own policies, but also calling out the danger of Masto’s record.

The Nevada Republican revealed that when he served as attorney general, he processed thousands of rape kits idly abandoned by Masto during her own time as attorney general.

Laxalt is therefore letting Nevada voters know that if he’s elected to succeed Masto, he’ll continue the work of cleaning up after her and creating a better future for all.