Top Democrat Calls Attention Back to Biden’s Formula Crisis

Months ago, baby formula shortages began, thus unleashing horrors on parents and infants. Some infants who weren’t able to get the necessary formula had to go to hospitals in order to stay alive.

Others have been significantly struggling while parents scramble to find formula. The Biden administration claims that it’s working to boost access to this food supply, but America’s far from being out of the woods.

As July wraps up, baby formula is still not as readily available as it was even one year ago. This has led to a top Democrat now calling out the Biden administration accordingly.

A Message to the White House
On Monday, Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) said the Biden administration could be taking stronger action to ensure parents have easy access to baby formula for their infants.

Some suggestions listed by the Democratic congressman include removing the red tape on European baby formula imports, increasing the number of domestic baby formula suppliers, and purchasing baby formula internationally.

Khanna stated the Biden administration is now “simply transporting” baby formula into America and not going the extra mile.

After giving the president props for measures taken to combat shortages, Khanna said the administration seems to have forgotten about this issue after making public remarks weeks ago.

Meanwhile, parents are still facing a seemingly indefinite time period of struggling to feed their infants.

A Bipartisan Viewpoint?
Ironically, much of what Khanna said has also been echoed by Republicans who are concerned with how the White House is handling the baby formula shortages.

The GOP continues to call the president out for significantly reduced supplies of formula. Initially, Americans were told this issue would be largely cleared up by the end of this month. Yet, that hasn’t panned out.

It remains to be seen whether or not the White House responds to remarks from Khanna. Thus far, the president has an established pattern of not being very receptive to critics from even within his own party.

While the baby formula shortages may not be making national headlines, they’re still an everyday problem for infants and parents in need. This is yet another issue likely to hurt Democrats in the midterms.