A Top Republican Speaks Out In Support Of Critical Workers

In 2020, everyone in the nation lauded and heralded essential heroes. Police, nurses, firefighters, and other first responders were praised for their selflessness. They were praised for working during the height of COVID when so much about this virus was a mystery. 

It’s also important to remember these workers did their jobs on the ground and without a vaccine. Unlike other Americans who could work from home or via Zoom, first responders didn’t have these luxuries. 

One year later, the Democrat Party’s authoritarian ways target the essential workers the nation deemed as heroes. Biden and other Democrats have openly stated essential workers should be fired from their jobs if they don’t take the COVID vaccine. 

Thankfully, essential workers have Republicans like Sen. Marsha Blackburn in their corner, as PJ Media documents. 

Along with other GOP lawmakers in Congress, have introduced the Keeping Our COVID-19 Heroes Employed Act. As its name suggests, this bill is designed to stop essential workers from being cast aside by their employers if they decline the coronavirus vaccine. 

While speaking on the Senate floor about this legislation, Blackburn also called out the vast overreach of the Biden administration. The Tennessee Republican explained that the White House is guilty of crossing many moral, constitutionally, and practically. 

There’s no doubt this bill is a step forward. However, its fate in Congress remains to be seen. Thus far, the Senate is split 50/50, with Democrats technically having the majority due to Vice President Kamala Harris. Moreover, the House of Representatives and the White House remain controlled by leftists. 

Time will tell what becomes of the Keeping Our COVID-19 Heroes Employed Act. With that being said, this is not the only arrow in the quiver of the GOP. 

Less than two weeks ago, 19 different states across the country brought a lawsuit against the Biden administration. This lawsuit is over the COVID vaccine mandate Biden forced upon America’s federal contractors. 

The 19 states declared Biden lacks the legal authority to implement a sweeping mandate such as this. It’s also worth noting that since the lawsuit from almost half of the states across the country, the White House has since announced federal employers can determine how they wish to enforce the mandate.

Little by little, the tyranny of this disastrous administration and the Democrat Party is going down.