Top Teachers’ Union Under Fire For Putting Politics Above Education

Over the past couple of years, teachers’ unions have made a lot of decisions that don’t really cast them in the most favorable light.

Teachers’ unions were fully on board with COVID vaccine mandates. Yet, even when these mandates were put into effect, teachers’ unions still opposed instructors and kids coming back to school.

The argument here was that the very same vaccines teachers’ unions wanted to be mandated still didn’t provide the safety for a return to in-person learning.

In 2022, teachers’ unions still aren’t doing themselves any favors. According to The Blaze, the biggest teachers’ union of all has chosen to put politics ahead of education for quite some time.

A Bad Look for the National Education Association

According to a review of filings from the National Education Association, this union donated $66 million to various political causes from 2020 to 2021’s fiscal years. Meanwhile, the biggest teachers’ union of all only directed 9% of its budget towards real help for its members.

Of course, the money donated towards political causes from the National Education Association went towards left-wing groups and initiatives. This, of course, isn’t a shock, seeing as teachers’ unions have been cozy with Democrats for quite some time.

On top of prioritizing left-wing activism over real education of America’s young people, the National Education Association is fully on board with critical race theory being taught to children. This comes despite the reality that many parents have opposed critical race theory curriculums being imposed upon their children.

At the same time the National Education Association backs critical race theory, Democrats, when faced with pushback from Republicans, frequently claim that this curriculum isn’t being taught to children.

Changes to Education in America

It doesn’t do the National Education Association any favors to put politics above the education of children. However, what it does do is further show that left-wing groups are increasingly using classrooms and schooling as venues to push propaganda onto young, impressionable minds.

This is one real reason why there’s been a rise in homeschooling over the past few years. Parents don’t want their kids forced to wear face masks all day or told that they’re either victims or oppressors by nature.

With school boards, teachers’ unions, and other organizations increasingly trying to freeze parents out from their kids’ education, they’re making the case for why homeschooling is so necessary.

If Democrats don’t stop mixing politics with education, homeschooling is very likely to become more common in the following years.