Trans Cheerleader Criminally Cited for Allegedly Choking a Teammate

A biological male trans cheerleader was criminally cited and kicked out of a Texas cheer camp for allegedly choking a teammate. Cell phone video appears to show frightened team members hiding in a room as the suspect raged.

The cheerleader, Averie Chanel Medlock, was attending cheer camp at Ranger College when the incident occured. Medlock said a girl on the team told her that she is a man and that men should not be on the team.

The suspect at that point allegedly choked the girl who made the statement but later said that there were other transphobic and racist remarks made.

Medlock also accused the alleged victim’s father of threatening to “kill anyone who comes after my daughter.” She wrote on her Facebook page that she is now a “retired” cheerleader. She explained that she only stood up for herself and that scared the alleged victim.

Despite the claims of joking, which were followed by more assertions that there was only a “verbal” assault, the legal documents show a very different chain of events.

Multiple local media sources report the citation was for misdemeanor Assault by Physical Contact. It is also reported that the district attorney’s office confirmed the citation involved unwanted touching.

Unfortunately for athletics in the U.S., this is not an issue that will just go away. Most are now aware of the controversy surrounding University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, a biological male who switched to the women’s team and won an NCAA championship.

It was revealed in recent days that Thomas walked around the female locker room naked in full view of her teammates. One swimmer on the team told an interviewer that this display caused “extreme discomfort in the locker room.”

Complaining about this travesty, of course, will result in anything from accusations of transphobia to sensitivity training to having to find another institution to swim for.

The tide is beginning to shift as more and more states and even international federations understand the damage that is being wrought to girls’ athletics and expectations of privacy.

At one Texas cheer camp, it apparently came too late.