Trouble in Paradise – The Biden-Harris Team Is In A Melee Over Kamala

Kamala Harris is the most awkward and nonsensical political figure in this nation’s history. Good ole sock puppet president Joe Biden is likable, even as he dribbles all over himself and mumbles and cusses his way through his zombie-like act. But now, the gulf has widened between the current occupant of the White House and the president in waiting, nipping at his heels.

Clashes and skirmishes have taken place between aides of Biden and Harris. Harris is committed to solving First-World Problems, rather than negotiating international alliances or solidifying our national security through strengthening our southern border.

Democrats in the White House blamed Kamala Harris for being distant and removed. The VP and her staff ceaselessly promote Kamala as a PR stunt. They regard the White House staff as part of their communications team to promote Kamala’s brand. And they view the media as a tool to advance her never ending political ambitions. Apparently, the Obama Team is waiting in the wings to replace Biden with Harris when the time is right.

Harris has looked to take advantage of safe tasks and photo ops. She wants to supervise the foreign policy of Nordic nations rather than the Northern Triangle, of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns of the New York Times are releasing their new book This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America’s Future. Whoa! That sounds scary, and a bit of a Tolkien rip off. According to the following accounts taken from passages in the book, Kamala is arrogant and narcissistic.

Harris is entirely focused on image, like a preening actress. She requested that Vogue replace her cover photograph that showed her dressed down in Converse and thin jeans in front of Inauguration Day. Harris was sad when the photograph she expected to be utilized was consigned to digital editions online. She felt disparaged by the magazine. She does not want to be portrayed as accessible and normal; she wants to be a super star!

Anna Wintour, the Vouge VP, said that she had chosen the dressed down photograph since it made Harris interesting. But Harris had her chief of staff Tina Flournoy talk with Biden’s advisor Anita Dunn to put pressure on Wintour and change the photo. The White House told her to get back to real work, as if Democrats throughout history have not spent more time massaging the media that solving our problems.

Harris complained that the White House team didn’t show her enough respect. Does that mean that they think she does not deserve serious consideration, and that her advancement in positions of power is due to something other than skill and her demonic cackle? Harris stressed that Biden’s team looked down on her and dismissed her as insignificant and worthless.

Harris sent her head of staff to converse with top Biden consultants to communicate worry that White House staff was not standing when Harris went into the room as they accomplished for Biden, which Harris took as an indication of lack of respect, as per the selection.