Trudeau Flees “Fringe Minority” Protest Of Truckers Protesting Mandates

A large convoy of transport trucks has been rolling across Canada this last week to protest Canada’s recent COVID enforcement measures. This loosely organized coalition of drivers started as a protest of the vaccine mandates, but the event has morphed into opposing all the draconian COVID rules imposed by Trudeau’s government. The Prime Minister denounced the protest in his usual smug demeanor, calling them a ‘fringe minority.’ However, the facts on the ground contradict this.

It is hard to say exactly how many trucks are participating in the protest, but there is a chance that the number is large enough to form the largest convoy ever. Thousands of people have braved the wintry weather to line the roads, cheering on the truckers with waves and holding signs of support. Even Elon Musk chimed in with a tweet supporting the convoy.

On the fundraising side, over 6 million dollars has been raised on GoFundMe to support the protest. In alignment with big tech stifling dissent, GoFundMe initially froze the funds citing transparency concerns about the fundraising organizers. The company has since released one million dollars, with more to come upon further verification of where the money will go. It has been pledged that whatever funds remain after reimbursing the trucker’s expenses will be donated to a veteran’s charity.

How has Trudeau responded to this protest? Is he making a speech bolstering his position and defending the draconian mandates? Is he quoting the science about the vaccines that show they do not stop transmission of COVID-19? No, the woke Prime Minister has chosen to flee the city, giving ‘security concerns’ as the reason for his departure. More than a ‘fringe minority’ has arrived to stand up for freedom.

There has been no justification for the safety concerns of the Prime Minister. The authorities disclosed no reports of violence or arrests on the first day of the protest. In fact, from the beginning, organizers have stressed the need that peaceful demonstrations must always be the goal. Social media posts have constantly warned against violence and be aware of governmental provocateurs.

Trudeau is starting to see the limits of imposing mandates on free and liberty-loving people. Time will tell which side will win out, but the truckers have not only made their voices heard but are inspiring similar protests across the globe.