Trudeau Had A ‘Comedy Special’ Where He Ridiculed Russia

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is the exact definition of irony. While the world is standing against Russia and their invasion into Ukraine, Trudeau stands against authoritarianism?

Back up several weeks, and you’ll see that Canadian truckers are furious with Canada’s government because of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate that would affect the trucking industry across the country and then an after effect throughout the world. That’s why peaceful protests are happening all over Canada because people are sick and tired of the mandates.

Supply chain issues and the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown have already affected product shipments, which will only make it worse. While some areas have already given in, others aren’t giving in quickly, and Trudeau stands firm against protesters.

During these protests, there have been many violations from police. People have been arrested for simply being in the streets, not having masks, and others have frozen their bank accounts. This unprecedented overreach is authoritarianism as an action.

“Canada and our friends will protect democracy. We are conducting these activities today to oppose authoritarianism,” Trudeau stated.

That’s absurd. Trudeau needs to be honest and champion Russia because their actions are closer to Trudeau’s. The Canadian government has invaded its own citizens’ lives physically and monetarily. What does anyone think Trudeau would do to an enemy?

Trudeau may have thought he was tough, but everyone laughed at him. It’s like if he were a schoolyard bully that just put a kid down after stealing his lunch money and stopped another bully from picking on someone else.

He made protests illegal by evoking an emergency power to do so.

Canadian Civil Liberties Association tweeted:

If there aren’t blockades to oppressive powers, they will always get trampled and abused. Not only that, but most Canadians have a difficult time possessing firearms. Trudeau banned assault rifles in 2020 after a shooting in which the firearm style was used.

Frankly, gun control is the only reason Canada’s government can do what they’re doing. The US firearm ownership keeps the government at bay, and that’s precisely why the second amendment exists.