Trump Blasts ‘Scammers And Hoaxsters’ Who Took Over Our Country Last Year

Donald Trump came out swinging at some of his and America’s (and the world’s) worst enemies Friday, with a bruising statement from the 45th president about their scurrilous lies and morally degenerate political priorities.

Number 45 hardly waited for Thanksgiving leftovers to cool before the likes of corporate establishment presser Bob Woodward started giving him the kind of indigestion that a good tweetstorm to rally the base gets sorted out for Mr. Trump.

He’s got his eye on the upcoming midterms and beyond. The statement from the President started like this hat tip, Red State.

Festivus came early this year.

Here’s some background on that claim, made in Woodward’s recent book, Peril. It is possible that what has been alleged could rise to the legal definition of treason.

As DJT correctly points out in his statement:

“I never had even a thought of going to war with China, other than the war I was winning, which was on trade.”

And the absolute disgrace of so many in the journalism profession telling many variations of this same story (“Look at this mountain!” as they point to a molehill or even an imaginary molehill.) over and over again for all four years of Trump, was that they missed the biggest story of his administration, and one of the biggest of this century so far:

“I watched that craggy smug face of Woodward as he ‘bullshits’ the public and said to myself, ‘I wonder if history will believe this stuff?’ How do you get your reputation back? I was the only President in decades to not get us into a war. I got us out of wars!”

Newsweek reported shortly after the election last November (beforehand would have been nice, guys), since Jimmy Carter, Donald Trump is the first president to refuse to send American troops into a new war.

The USA Today is a perfect exemplar of the absurd, scam and hoax blighted “fact-checking” genre, was able to spin this great, worthy, courageous, and generous accomplishment of the Trump Administration as bunk by moving the goalposts to “fact check” the false claim that Trump was the first president since Ike not to lead the government into another deadly and costly war.

Our government certainly “has been taken over by Scammers and Hoaxsters,” and as Trump urges in his statement, “we have to take it back.”