Trump Campaign Calls For Biden Apology Over ‘Cheap Fake’ Video Narrative

The Trump campaign is demanding an apology from President Joe Biden following a scandal involving alleged “cheap fake” videos. Trump campaign national press secretary Karoline Leavitt accused the Biden Administration of spreading false narratives to cover up the president’s apparent health decline.

The term “cheap fake” was coined by the Biden campaign, suggesting that the Trump team was digitally altering videos to make the president look worse than he is. Leavitt took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to criticize the Biden Administration and liberal media for perpetuating what she called a baseless lie.

“Everyone sees there’s NOTHING fake about Biden’s decline,” Leavitt posted. “It’s only been a week since our fantastic team @TrumpWarRoom & @RNCResearch were wrongly accused of editing ‘cheap fakes’ to make Biden look bad. The Democrats, and of course, their mouthpieces in the Fake News, peddled this ridiculous lie.”

Leavitt insisted that the Trump campaign has been honest about Biden’s condition and called for an apology after Thursday night’s debate, where Biden struggled multiple times. At one point, former President Trump commented, “I really don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence. I don’t think he knows what he said either.”

“We actually had to spend time fighting ‘journalists’ on this ridiculous narrative and telling them Americans can believe their own eyes!” Leavitt continued. “Now everyone sees there’s NOTHING fake about Biden’s decline. We were right and simply sharing the TRUTH!”

The Trump campaign is pressing Biden to apologize to the American people, accusing his administration of being part of “the greatest coverup in U.S. political history.” Leavitt also criticized mainstream media for protecting Biden and ensuring Trump’s defeat in November.

In response to Leavitt’s demands, the Biden campaign issued a statement to Fox News Digital. “Trump lied countless times during the debate… in real life and on the internet,” a Biden campaign spokesperson said. “Trump lied Thursday about whether he called fallen soldiers suckers and losers, and he’s still triggered that mainstream media fact-checkers called out his cheap fakes. So sure, we will amend our previous statement: Trump is not just a liar he is also a pathetic loser.”

However, the Biden campaign did not address the accusations that Biden himself lied during the debate. The ongoing conflict between the two campaigns highlights the escalating tension as both sides prepare for the November election.