Trump Fires Back At Biden’s Divisive Speech

On Thursday. President Joe Biden was highly criticized for giving one of the most divisive speeches in the history of the nation.

The president gave an unhinged speech in which he tried to intimidate former President Donald Trump and millions of Americans across the country who support the “Make America Great Again” movement, accusing conservatives of wanting to take America “backward.”

Recently, during a speech in Pennsylvania, the former president hit back at Biden’s aggressive speech.

Trump Hits Back

Trump went after Biden in front of his supporters, calling the current president “vicious” and “hateful.” Given the dystopian background chosen for him and the marines standing behind him, Trump’s assessment was shared by millions who watched the unprecedented and outrageous speech by President Biden.

He also let the giant crowd know that Bide had made himself an “enemy of the state,” in response to Biden accusing “MAGA Republicans” of being enemies of democracy.

Trump also informed his large crowd of supporters that Biden has made himself to be an “enemy of the state,” due to his failed leadership and his attitude towards dissent.

Later, Trump weighed in on the horrible optics of Thursday’s remarks. He warned that Biden appeared as “the Devil” while showing complete disrespect for all of America’s customs, traditions, and laws.

During another segment of the Pennsylvania rally, the former president called out the politically-motivated FBI raid carried out at his Mar-a-Lago residence last month. Trump told his supporters this was a breach of justice that would be recognized as such in any other country.

A Needed Reply

To countless conservatives across the country, the remarks from Trump were very well-welcomed.

Biden’s speech, on the other hand, comes amid a long pattern of Democrats denigrating anyone who dares to disagree with left-wing politics.

Trump’s address in Pennsylvania energized not just the America First movement, but also the nation as a whole. The former president’s rallying for GOP candidates in the state also served as a reminder of better days to come.

Biden’s leadership, thus far, has been rubbed-stamped by a left-wing House and Senate. However, Trump continues working overtime to get American First patriots elected in November to change the congressional power balance.