Trump Makes A ‘Racist Flub’ With A Black Reporter

In a recent interview, Donald Trump gave medical advice to a person of color. The former president told Candace Owens, “Oh no, the vaccine works. The ones that get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones that don’t take the vaccine.”

That was way out of line. He was also mansplaining to a woman about her own body. What a jerk.

Trumpy Bear has been taking a lot of heat for these comments from anti-vaccine folks on the right. Alex Jones even said, “My c**k is much bigger than yours,” in response to the 75yo former president revealing that he got a vaccine booster shot and claiming that the people who get sick worst from coronavirus are the ones who didn’t get “the” vaccine.

AJ said that Trump is either “completely ignorant” or “one of the evilest men who has ever lived” for touting the vaccine. The radio host, who is not usually inclined to embellish his newscasts with hyperbolic rhetoric, probably meant something like: Why’s he selling the vaccine like that isn’t their job already? Dawg, sell us freedom and greatness again, please.

We don’t need to hear it from Trump. Everybody already knows. We’ve listened to it for two years straight. It would be like in 2016 Trump saying: “Oh no, there is a gender wage gap. The states that have passed gender pay laws are where women get paid fairly.”

We liked hearing the guy who told us that all sounds like liberal mumbo jumbo and like the broads just complaining too much, getting too uppity. If they want more money, they should ask for a pay raise, and if they don’t get it, have their resume updated and fire their boss and company and deal with their wage gap instead of trying to make it into some extensive civil rights struggle. We liked hearing that guy! We loved that man!

Give them the freaking middle finger to the mandates, Forty-Five! Their guy is a spokesperson for the vaccine. The only one who can beat him in 2024 will be the spokesperson for liberty.