Trump Prescient About Biden’s Gas Prices

Trump said many outlandish things while in office, but he appears more like someone who could foresee the future instead of a politician. During one of his Make America Great Again rallies, he came right out and said that a Joe Biden presidency would result in seven-dollar gas.

“Seven dollar gas, are you crazy?” most people said. It seemed a little far-fetched. Sure, it was likely that a Biden presidency would be hostile to American energy. Sleepy Joe came out and said what he would do regarding fossil fuels on the campaign trail, starting with killing the Keystone Pipeline. Couple that with terminating leases and other measures meant to decrease the supply of American oil and the stage is set for prices to rise. But seven dollars? Come on.

Enter Putin invading Ukraine because Biden said a minor incursion is okay. Then add on the administration banning Russian oil, refusing to unleash American energy and, you guessed it, seven dollar gas.

It is only one year (and change) into his presidency! When asked about what would happen next, President Biden indicated he has given up trying to improve it.

The old blame Russia game! It has worked before and it will work again. Unfortunately, gas prices started putting a chokehold on the middle class and the economy immediately upon Biden taking office.

Even if you do not blame the current administration for the crisis in Ukraine, which would be very generous of you, there is no doubt that President Biden is waging war on American energy. He would instead beg Maduro and Saudi Arabia (who refused to take his call, by the way) for more oil than help producers here at home.

Gas prices will continue to rise, as will the ineptitude of Biden and his officials. It is one time I wish Trump would have been wrong.