Trump: Recent Biden Errors Show Lack Of Respect For United States

President Joe Biden caused a major decline in respect for the United States, said his predecessor, former President Donald Trump during a recent rally in Waco, Texas.

The former president linked the recent Biden speaking error with what he describes as a decline in respect for the United States since Joe Biden took office in January 2021.

The president specifically referenced an error Biden made in a speech to Canada’s parliament. When speaking to the body, Biden said that he complimented China, when he meant that he was lauding Canada instead.

“I applaud China for stepping up, excuse me, I mean Canada,” he said to laughter.

“You can tell what I’m thinking,” he said.

Trump took to Truth Social to criticize his 2020 opponent. Trump wrote that after Biden’s statement “the room erupted in laughter.”

He continued that “This was Biden’s big punchline today speaking before the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, Ontario. Just a disaster – We are a Nation in Decline!”

The former president continued his thoughts on Biden’s Canada trip during his Waco rally.

Trump stated that Biden was laughed at by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trump said that “they’re laughing at our country. We don’t want anyone to laugh. Nobody laughed at our country when I ran and I can tell you that.”

The former president also criticized the Biden White House’s trade dealings with Canada.

Trump said, “I’m watching these different deals that they’re announcing. They are horrible, horrible deals for our country. They’re great for Canada, but horrible, horrible deals for our country.”

The signs of a potential decline of American influence can be seen in recent world events. Saudi Arabia and Iran announced a plan to restore diplomatic relations after more than a decade of tensions surrounding both sides’ support of factions in Yemen’s civil war.

The recent agreement was brokered by China.

Furthermore, the popular program Saudi Night Live parodied Biden in a recent broadcast. It showed an actor playing the president as disoriented and falling up the stairs of Air Force One.