Trump Rips Biden Gun Control At NRA Conference

Former President Donald Trump saw in his element during the annual NRA convention in Indianapolis, Indiana this week. The former president gave a well-received speech that outlined a number of potential plans to lower crime and ripped the Biden administration’s efforts to limit gun rights.

The former president received a strong welcome from the participants. While Trump spoke on a number of subjects and about the 2024 campaign, his main focus was on the policies of the Biden White House.

Trump said that the “Biden gun control agenda is part and parcel of the left-wing crusade to weaponize government against law-abiding citizens.”

Trump received strong applause when he promised to “end the weaponization of our government.”

Last month, President Biden signed an executive order strengthening federal agencies’ abilities to implement gun control. The president has also pushed for a renewed ban on a number of popular semiautomatic rifles.

The former president also said that Democrats’ policies were “letting criminals roam free, they’re all over the place.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said.

The 45th president also said that crime is excessive in these cities and that “you go out for a loaf of bread and you end up getting shot.”

The candidate called for several actions to “harden” schools and potentially save lives. He said that while the country has been “chock full of guns” for centuries, recent shootings have been rare historically.

However, he said that there is a moral issue that causes such violence. He also said that he would support a tax credit for teachers who undergo firearms training.

He said that even if five percent of teachers were armed and trained “we would achieve effective deterrence and the problem would cease to exist.”

Trump remembered the organization’s 2016 endorsement of his candidacy and said that he hoped for the same for 2024.

Trump gained the most attention during the convention, but he wasn’t the only one to make headlines. Former Vice President Mike Pence received boos from the crowd.