Trump Says US Schools Need To Be Secured Before Ukraine

On Friday, while speaking at the National Rifle Association event in Houston, Former President Donald Trump honored the victims of the Texas school shooting and called out policymakers for putting Ukraine first and not spending the $40 billion on making schools safer.

Trump commenced his NRA annual summit speech by criticizing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) for not making an appearance at the event in person and sending a recorded video message instead. Abbott decided to make another trip to Uvalde on Thursday night and skipped the NRA event.

Trump also read out the names of the victims of the Uvalde school shooting and also claimed that the police took far too long to help. Trump emphasized that each death was a tragic loss that couldn’t be compensated for. The former president condemned the horrific incident and called it a brutal tragedy.

Trump insisted that current efforts to secure schools are not enough. He also talked about the resources that would help maximize security in schools. He believes that possible solutions to the issue are having well-armed officers and allowing skilled teachers to carry concealed firearms.

While referring to the supposed 40 to 60 minutes which law enforcement took before engaging with the shooter, Trump stated that all police departments should be trained for handling such situations. He suggested an active shooter protocol which will help eliminate the assailant securely and urged on increasing police funding.

Trump also argued that if the U.S. government has $40 billion for handing out to Ukraine, then more should also be spent to secure schools as well. He stated that the U.S. government has spent trillions of dollars abroad, whereas they should actually be spending the money at home to build safer schools for American children.

Trump also stressed that it is high time to find mutual ground as Americans are grieving for the victims, as well as praying for the families who lost their loved ones in the Uvalde shooting.

Trump also pointed out that the Democrats tried to turn this situation into a gun control issue and even attacked the Second Amendment rights of the Americans.

Biden has been blaming the gun lobby for the incident and claiming that the GOP does not care about school shootings. In response to Biden’s ridiculous remarks, Trump insisted that the gunny lobby is not responsible and the Republicans are certainly not okay with such horrible incidents.

Trump believes that arming good citizens with firearms will help tackle evil. He also argued that the main cause of such horrific incidents are mental health problems that must be addressed.