Trump Slams Ukraine Package Amid National Formula Shortage

Both Democrats and Republicans were hoping for a quick vote on Biden’s aid package to Ukraine. Senator Rand Paul is one of a few people in congress who wanted the bill to have more oversight and his objection delayed the inevitable. While members on both sides of the aisle complained, President Trump used the opportunity to lambast the Biden administration.

Instead of talking primarily about Ukraine, however, Trump asked why we were sending billions to Ukraine while there was a national baby formula shortage. He called the shortage a national disgrace and said it was just another example of how Americans were being put last by the Biden administration. Trump has always been able to tap into the mood of the electorate, and this example is no different.

Although many Americans support Ukraine, the economy and immigration are the top two issues for voters in 2022. These are two areas Trump is viewed very favorably on. Supply chain issues and the baby formula shortage only increase the perception that Biden is failing on these two key metrics. Trump’s statements are also in alignment with his America first messaging, which is also being used by other conservatives on the issue.

The government and legacy media responded by saying they are legally required to provide baby formula, but that does not help the optics of the situation. As supply chain problems worsen and inflation continues to rise, Ukraine may become less and less of a priority for Americans.

The midterms are coming up fast and Washington D.C. politicians are beginning to feel the pressure. Republicans are hoping for a generational victory, while Democrats are trying to limit their losses as much as possible.

Trump, on the other hand, has yet to declare for 2024. He can choose the issues he feels are the most advantageous for him. Warning against getting too involved in a foreign war when moms cannot get baby formula is a winner issue.