Trump Tells O’Reilly He Doesn’t Believe Theory Obama Is Pulling Biden’s Strings

As A.J. Kaufman reported at PJ Media, while in Florida Saturday with Bill O’Reilly for their History Tour, Donald Trump said, “he doesn’t believe rumors that Obama is secretly running the country for Biden, because Obama likes to golf too much and therefore would not be involved.”

That is a plausible conspiracy theory, though.

Even if Obama is enjoying the links and staying out of the White House’s business, the administration might be a third Obama term in spirit.

As Maureen Groppe reported in June for USA Today:

“Biden believes that his presidency will not be a third term for Obama. His choice of staff members suggests otherwise. President Joe Biden is not the only member of his government who recalls how things were done in the previous Democratic administration. Approximately three-quarters of his top 100 aides had previously worked in President Barack Obama’s administration.”

Still, Biden insisted in his first sitdown interview after winning the 2020 election, “This is not a third Obama term. We face a different world than we faced in the Obama-Biden administration.”

That’s true. We do face a different world, to be sure. But it remains true also that the Biden Administration is proceeding along the same lines as two terms of Obama, to rapidly increase Washington’s power over Americans by appropriating industry-size sums of capital from the economy and pouring them into the health and medical industry with all kinds of federal strings and mandates attached.

With a fawning corporate media for a vanity mirror to gaze into as they preened the Affordable Care Act, the Democrats under Obama fought tooth and nail for months, relentlessly, with the tireless fury of demons that never eat or sleep, to push ObamaCare through Congress along pitifully partisan lines, and initiate a hostile takeover and total nationalization of the US healthcare industry.

To the credit of Republicans, while Trump was president, they worked well enough together to dismantle as much of ObamaCare as possible while they had the chance. With Biden as president, the Democratic Party’s machinations to put US healthcare businesses and patients deeper in the DC stranglehold has returned with a vengeance.