Trump Tweet Creates Overwhelming Twitter Response

First of all we want tn overwhelming welcome back to the platform.

Musk brought the former president’s account back over the weekend after a Twitter poll showed the majority of respondents favored his return. In a flash, all of the previous tweets that garnered so much attention were once again visible.

Some, especially with the newest and latest postings, created quite a stir.

One in particular was tweeted on Jan, 8, 2021, in which Trump declared that “to all those who have asked, I will not be going to the Inauguration on January 20th.”

These words led to an outpouring of positive messages and went viral as multitudes took the opportunity to retweet the former president’s declaration. Some went further and rolled out the red carpet for Trump’s return.

One celebrant posted: “You are back. We waited too long for you to come back. History is in the making.”

Another thanked Musk for bringing Trump back into the virtual town square before adding: “You are the best. Both of you work(ing) together will save our nation. We can’t be happier!”

Still, another simply stated: “God Bless America.”

As for welcoming messages, a simple “HE’S BACK BOYS” garnered over 16,000 likes.

The big question remains if Trump will start using his old Twitter account again. On Saturday, the already-announced 2024 presidential candidate stated he had no interest in moving back to the platform.

Trump has been steadfast so far in standing by his own Truth Social platform, though the numbers point to an obvious lure for the former president to reenter the Twitter universe.

Such as over 88 million followers on Twitter, not to mention the nearly 100,000 new followers added to his account by late Saturday evening. Some even reported trouble with latching onto the reinstated account in the early hours of its being back online.

The approximately 4.6 million Truth Social followers for Trump pale in comparison to his enormous Twitter presence. Whether he ultimately rejoins is anyone’s guess, but Twitter will be a much more entertaining place with Trump burning the midnight oil for early morning tweets.