Trump Vows To Crush Deep State, Establish Truth Commission

Former President Donald Trump has made a resolute promise to eradicate corruption in Washington, D.C., by dismantling the deep state and instituting a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission.” This commission would bring to light classified information pertaining to government surveillance, censorship, and corruption.

During a Turning Point USA conference in Florida on Saturday, Trump declared, “When I regain the presidency, I will completely obliterate the deep state.”

He further emphasized his intention to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which would declassify and publish all pertinent documents regarding deep state surveillance, censorship, and corruption within the United States.

Official Truth and Reconciliation Commissions have been implemented by numerous governments worldwide, including South Africa, Canada, Australia, and Germany, with the aim of uncovering past governmental misconduct and facilitating conflict resolution.

In a similar vein, Republican members of Congress have pledged to establish a committee resembling the Church Committee, designed to investigate systemic issues within the justice system. Reflecting on his prior tenure as president, Trump claimed to possess an intimate understanding of the individuals he intends to appoint in his future administration.

“Having been in Washington, I now possess a superior grasp of those who excel, those who are intelligent, those who are unintelligent, those who are weak, and those who are foolish,” he asserted. “I am acquainted with every person in Washington. I have obtained a PhD in comprehending the individuals of Washington.”

Concluding his speech on Saturday, Trump proclaimed, “We will dismantle the deep state, remove warmongers from our government, expel globalists, rid ourselves of communists, Marxists, and fascists, expunge the sick political class that harbors animosity towards our nation, defeat dishonest Joe Biden, and permanently eradicate the swamp.”
In March, Trump unveiled a ten-point plan to combat the deep state, which includes addressing internal issues that previously plagued his administration — such as leaks. His plan aims to strengthen the government’s ability to protect classified information and hold those responsible for unauthorized disclosures accountable.