Tucker Carlson Calls Out Biden Admin Blaming Inflation On Anyone But Themselves

Fox News host Tucker Carlson tore into the Biden administration for continuing to place the blame for skyrocketing inflation on anyone except themselves.

During Wednesday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the host called out President Joe Biden and those within his administration for refusing to take responsibility for their actions.

Carlson played a clip of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on MSNBC asserting that oil and gas companies need to produce more to bring down supply and demand costs while moving towards relying on green energy.

“No country has ever been held hostage to access to the sun,” the energy secretary said.

The Fox News host responded to Granholm’s comments rather bluntly, pointing out that the forms of renewable energy often touted by radical leftist climate activists are not reliable.

“You may be asking yourself ‘why would you put someone like that who’s never had a real job and achieved precisely nothing in her life and actually doesn’t know anything about anything, why would you put her in a key position like Secretary of Energy?’ Because she knows the science. As she just told you, ‘sun and wind are the most reliable forms of energy,’ it’s not like clouds could block the sun or the wind might stop blowing, that’s insane,” Carlson said.

He then went on to discuss the continual blaming of Russia for inflation, pointing out that — according to the prevailing narrative — to keep ‘our democracy’ safe, the U.S. cannot do anything that benefits Russian President Vladimir Putin financially. So, sanctions were placed on Russia. Obviously, though, these sanctions did not have the intended effects, as instead of harming Putin, they have hurt Americans and Russian citizens. Carlson cited reporting from Bloomberg stating that sanctions on Russia have “exacerbated inflation, worsened food insecurity and punished ordinary Russians more than Putin or his allies.”

The Fox News host also showed Democrat officials and lawmakers blaming corporate greed for skyrocketing inflation, and cited former White House press secretary Jen Psaki claiming in December of 2021 that meat prices had risen because of manufacturers’ greed.

“Not a defense of corporate America, which is indeed greedy and dark, that’s for sure,” Carlson said. “But the idea that prices are going up simply because of greed may leave a few links out of the chain.”

While appearing on CNBC in March, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) made similar claims that oil and meat industries were increasing prices to make higher profits.

“If we’re gonna get lectured all the time, can’t we at least get a lecture from someone with an IQ over 100 with some kind of track record of doing something useful over the course of her entire 70 years on the planet just for once?” Carlson asked. “Can’t we get an impressive person to shout at us? No, we can’t.”

Carlson went on to cite trucks being denied entry at the U.S.-Canada border because of COVID vaccine mandates which were imposed by the Biden administration, pointing out the impact a lack of imports entering the U.S. has had on the supply chain crisis.

“The theme is really simple. Nothing is Joe Biden’s fault. Not gas prices, not meat prices, not the media’s coverage of inflation, none of it. You know whose fault it is, it’s Vladimir Putin’s fault,” Carlson said. “The people who screwed everything up are in no way responsible for what they did legally or morally, in fact they’re blameless. And we can tell you that with confidence because the one thing we know for sure is that Vladimir Putin did it, shut up, traitor; he did.”

The Biden administration has constantly tried to pin the blame for record-high gas prices and skyrocketing inflation on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, even coming up with a catchy slogan for their allies in the mainstream media to parrot — “Putin’s Price Hike.” Of course, many Americans aren’t falling for it, as oil and gas prices were rising drastically for months prior to the invasion, causing Biden to tap into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in November to release 50 million barrels in a desperate attempt to lower prices.