Tucker Eviscerates “Meloni Is A fascist” Rhetoric

Tucker Carlson delivered high praise for Giorgia Meloni, who became Italy’s first female prime minister on Sunday.

On Monday night, Tucker Carlson raved about Meloni’s stances on issues like immigration and crime.

The far left has contrasting views of Meloni, to say the least.

In 2012 Meloni founded Fratelli d’Italia, a conservative political faction within Italy’s main conservative party. These election results now make Fratelli d’Italia the most popular conservative party in the nation.

Despite the historical female empowerment, the left was unsatisfied with the result. It turns out the MAGA movement isn’t the only “threat to democracy.”

“Fascist” has been a common left-wing propaganda term used to describe former President Donald Trump and his supporters. Many liberals have used the exact same word to describe Giorgia Meloni.

“The Intercept” just published a new piece titled, ‘It’s a Girl (Fascist)!’ The article’s subtitle reads, ‘Giorgia Meloni will be Italy’s first woman prime minister — and part of a long tradition of white womanhood being central to fascism.’

Feminism only works as long as they share the same political views.

Carlson gave a brief explanation as to why Democrats are having such an adverse reaction to Meloni.

“Because she resolutely refused to bow to the twin gods of climate and mass migration,” he said during the opening monologue of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“Meloni was no radical. Her views would’ve seemed perfectly ordinary just a decade ago,” Carlson pointed out.

The media used another angle to inject fear of Meloni into the masses, although it has a high likelihood of backfiring.

“The earthquake in Italy has sent tremors that could be felt in the White House,” reads the opening line of a Politico article. The piece went on to claim that her reign might mean the end of the Ukraine-Russia conflict — as if that’s a bad thing.

The pulse of Italy wasn’t so different from the United States during Donald Trump’s first presidential run in 2016. Both countries were starved for a return to traditional values and normalcy.

Giorgia Meloni understood that, and it’s why the words “God, family, and country” were an integral part of her campaign.