Turley Blasts Bar Group For Condemning Trump Trial Criticism As ‘Reckless’

In a blistering rebuke, prominent legal scholar Jonathan Turley has condemned the Connecticut Bar Association for denouncing criticism of the trial against former President Donald Trump as “reckless” and potentially inciting violence. Turley, a staunch defender of free speech, argues that robust public discourse is essential for maintaining the integrity of the legal system.

The bar association’s message condemned public officials who labeled the Trump trial as “corrupt and rigged,” claiming such statements were “unsubstantiated and reckless.”

However, Turley contends that the association’s suggestion that lawyers are acting unprofessionally by criticizing perceived flaws in the justice system is deeply concerning.

In his scathing op-ed for Fox News, Turley asserts that while he has previously expressed concerns about inflammatory rhetoric potentially encouraging violence, he firmly believes that the legal system should welcome criticism, not stifle it. He argues that the Manhattan case against Trump represents a “flagrant example of weaponization of the legal system,” and that open dialogue is crucial for exposing such perceived biases and divisions.

Turley’s criticism extends beyond the bar association’s stance on the Trump trial. He accuses the group of selective outrage, noting their failure to denounce attacks on the Justice Department during the Trump administration or on conservative Supreme Court justices. This perceived double standard, according to Turley, undermines the association’s credibility and highlights a concerning trend of speech intolerance within the legal community.

As a respected legal scholar and advocate for free speech, Turley’s forceful response to the bar association’s stance has resonated with many who share concerns about the politicization of the justice system.