TV Host Confronts Leftist Philly DA Over Rampant Violent Crime

Democratic-led cities across the United States have seen an uptick in violent crime over the past several years as progressive prosecutors take an increasingly lax approach to putting criminals behind bars.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for example, District Attorney Larry Krasner has faced backlash for policies that many critics believe have made the city considerably less safe.

He appeared on a local news program this week to discuss the skyrocketing homicide rate and one host was clearly not convinced by his logic.

“Good Day Philadelphia” host Mike Jerrick confronted Krasner about a recent incident in which five individuals were killed after a high school football game.

The district attorney maintained that “we all have to work together,” claiming that his office has “been more effective” before the host cut him off mid-sentence.

“And you are a reform district attorney, everybody in the country knows that, but maybe it’s not working,” Jerrick asserted.

When Krasner attempted to push back, the frustrated host interrupted again, saying: “There’s 1,000 people killed in 20 months!”

Krasner attempted to blame the pandemic, claiming that “there is absolutely no correlation” between leftist law enforcement policies and crime rate increases.

When Jerrick noted that high-profile Republicans typically call out “blue cities” for disproportionately contributing to the nation’s crime statistics, the district attorney shot back: “Republicans lie. That is what they do.”

For his part, the host defended the GOP from Krasner’s blanket assertion.

“Not all Republicans lie,” he said.

As the Daily Caller pointed out, Democratic mayors are in charge of the 10 “most dangerous cities in the U.S.”

Krasner is currently attempting to stave off an impeachment effort by GOP state lawmakers who blame him for abdicating his responsibility to keep Philadelphians safe. A hearing scheduled for Thursday was called after the State House found him in contempt of a subpoena handed down by the House Committee on Restoring Law and Order.

Earlier this week, he tried to defend his record amid a steep rise in gun-related crime.

“The sentences for possession of guns are longer in Philadelphia than any other category of cities,” he claimed. “Long sentences are happening here longer than the rest of the state, but it did not stop this. We have to work not only on modern enforcement, but we have to work every way we can on prevention.”