Twitter Does Not Police Fake News, It Only Protects Liberals From Criticism

Twitter is not policing fake news. They would have stopped Democrat Representative Ayanna Pressley (MA) from lying about Kyle Rittenhouse if they were trying to end misinformation. But Twitter supports lies if liberals tell them.

A tweet from Pressley claimed that a 17-year-old white supremacist and domestic terrorist drove across state lines, armed with a AR 15 shot, and killed two individuals who had assembled to affirm Black Lives’ value, dignity, and worth on August 27, 2020.

Brit Hume pulverized her bogus tweet and inquired as to whether they would police her. Should they ban her for spreading lies and inciting racial hatred? Of course, they will not go because by their inaction, they have demonstrated that instead of double standards, they have one measure: whatever advances liberalism.

Rittenhouse is white and 17. Everything else in the tweet has been proven false. However, the tweet remains up, just waiting for more hooligans to act on it and burn down Kenosha, WI.

Brit slammed Twitter which is acting as the publisher of content and making editorial decisions. If the tweet fits the story, they support they do not care if it is bogus. When someone counters their funded plan with a well-placed Tweet, they attack it. Twitter is the worst version of a hometown ref for the game of global politics and societal unrest.

Presley spreads misinformation regularly. She should become one more individual on a long list of defendants that Kyle should sue.

Drew Holden is making a list and checking it twice. Since Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges, he has a rundown of potential respondents to impending lawsuits. To the press, Rittenhouse was guilty when the news broke of his self-defensive shooting. Usually, CNN should not jump to the conclusion that someone who shoots in self-defense is homicidal.

The New York Times put out a hit piece on Rittenhouse because his social media accounts showed support for police. They concocted heinous stories about conservatives assaulting protestors as if this was aggression by freedom-loving patriots.
MSNBC said the shooting was racial subjugation and afterward blamed President Trump for empowering vicious vigilante justice. For the record, Trump offered to support the National Guard.

Joy-Ann Reid has proven to be consistently wrong and shares erroneous data. She generalized that Rittenhouse was part of white patriot hordes and blamed Trump for ethnic cleansing. Its insanity is reaching new heights.

PolitiFact said that Trump lied when he told Rittenhouse to move away from protestors and was assaulted. Both facts have since been affirmed by video evidence in the trial.

NPR blamed Trump for guaranteeing, without proof, that it seemed the shooter was acting justifiably. The jury came to the same conclusion, and Trump was ahead of the curve again. The list goes on, just like the beat.