Twitter Silenced Prominent Accounts Over Trans Day Of Vengeance

Earlier this week, Twitter faced backlash for suspending several prominent users from its platform for sharing accurate information about the planned “Trans Day Of Vengeance” protest.

The event was initially scheduled to take place the same week that a person identifying as transgender killed six people in Nashville.

Critics accused Twitter of bowing to pressure from the Transgender Movement to censor factual reporting.

Silenced users included journalists, a member of Congress and the CEO of the Federalist.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) shared a screenshot of her temporarily suspended Twitter account. She stated that her account was suspended after warning about the rally, and that it was restored after just a few hours.

Twitter also locked the New York Post’s account for reporting on the platform’s censorship of the protest, which is reminiscent of the platform’s censorship of the Post’s story on Hunter Biden’s laptop before Elon Musk’s takeover.

Several individuals who reported on the “Trans Day of Vengeance” protest were falsely accused by Twitter of engaging in “violent speech” and were instructed to delete their tweets and confess to violating Twitter’s rules in order to be reinstated, according to reports.

Twitter, as well as the mainstream media, government and left-wing politicians appear to be avoiding the connection between the extreme transgender ideology and the brutal killings that took place on Monday.

A recent study by the Media Research Center indicates that Twitter has become more oppressive and hostile to free speech since Musk’s acquisition of the company, even though Musk initially pledged to make Twitter a platform for free speech.

According to the study, 62 percent of the censorship cases under Musk-owned Twitter involved tweets critical of transgenderism. Additionally, Twitter continues to censor accounts through shadow banning and has hired employees with questionable views on free speech, such as Yoel Roth. It appears that Twitter’s promise of a free speech platform under Musk’s ownership has not been fulfilled.

Some are saying Twitter chose to align with the censorship regime in the aftermath of a national tragedy rather than allowing for open dialogue to prevail. They say by doing so, the platform enabled those who control the narrative to suppress any awareness of the concerning aspects of transgender ideology.