Union Pacific Train Robberies Are ‘Being Ignored’ By The FBI And Los Angeles Law Enforcement

It is like an updated story from the old west, except that there is no Wyatt Earp or
Wild Bill Hickok to put a stop to crime. Union Pacific trains are getting ransacked, and no one seems to care. Crime has moved from retail stores and looting to tearing into moving trains and unloading cargo to American homes. It is the Amazon effect, and gangs know that people are shipping goods to their homes, so they have decided to take the crime to the trains.

Packages are torn into if they look like they contain electronics or expensive items, and anything else is tossed along the tracks in the Alameda corridor through midtown Los Angeles. You would think that liberals in the city that encourages crime might have a problem with litter and pollution. Maybe even some tiny wild animals or bugs are being harmed?

Union Pacific trains increased by 356% in 2021. Increased retail shipments and packages from Amazon and other online retailers have attracted criminals to robbing trains. They follow the money. Nearly half of all products sent to the US come through ports in and around LA. It is the single largest hub for goods shipments overseas through the Pacific.

George Gascón, the Los Angeles DA, has a no-bail policy that dismisses robbery charges and regularly allows criminals to walk free without jail sentences, essentially encouraging them to do it again. It will lead to more violent crime as criminals become bolder and more willing to attack people in their homes, workplaces, and streets to commit higher-risk crimes.

When hoodlums run a city, it is only a matter of time before crime escalates and destruction follows. Criminals break into halted trains and pull a hand brake to shut it down, triggering automatic emergency procedures. Then they snap the locks with bolt cutters, grab what they want, and dump the rest. It is a smash and grabs heist of iPhones and computer equipment in broad daylight.

Los Angeles and San Francisco have seen considerable increases in street crime and burglary. But Gascón and California Law Enforcement agencies are unwilling to do anything to stop it. It does not matter until Nancy Pelosi or Gavin Newsom ditches their private security and somehow gets mugged. It does not matter.

In the past, the FBI has muscled in on issues that are mainly state and local matters. You have seen the movies where the feds come in and push the police to the side claiming federal jurisdiction based on interstate commerce or some such reason. Trains are related to global commerce and trade. It may be where the FBI should get involved and reinforce the California Bureau of Investigation and the LAPD.

But FBI Director Christopher Wray and AG Merrick Garland are more concerned about the threat from moms at school board meetings and fathers who do not want their daughters getting raped in school bathrooms. The FBI has become a joke, becoming a media arm of the Democrat party promoting the January 6 riot narrative and anti-racism propaganda. The Justice Department is more concerned about squashing news reports about President Biden’s granddaughter’s diary entries that stop the criminal activity that impacts everyday Americans.

All businesses will raise prices when their insurance premiums spike due to consistent threats from criminal activity. The supply chain crisis will only worsen if products are stolen, wasted, and spoiled. Do not expect Democrats like Joe Biden or Gavin Newsom to be concerned about these minor issues. Democrat prosecutors like Gascón will continue to avoid prosecution at any cost. Maybe we need a new title for this job: crime enablers.