US Energy Secretary under Fire for Latest Comments on Gas Prices

In America today, gas prices are affecting everyone. Right now, rates are so unaffordable that many are making serious lifestyle changes in order to make ends meet. Some of these changes include not driving for leisure, cutting back on purchases at the grocery store and seeking out substitutes for items that have become too expensive.

The Biden administration continues refusing to fix this problem by simply getting out of the way of US energy independence. This refusal is causing disaster for many Americans. But they don’t seem to care.

As a matter of fact, recent statements from Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm have landed her in quite a bit of hot water, as Twitchy recently reported.

The Latest from Granholm on the Price of Gas in America

On MSNBC, the Energy Secretary made the claim that people would save a substantial amount of money by getting rid of their gas-powered car and replacing them with electric vehicles.

Granholm is not the first person from the Biden administration to make this claim. However, the argument that electric vehicles would bring down gas prices has one very real flaw.

On average, the price of an electric vehicle is $10,000 more than the price of a gas-powered vehicle.

This means that in order for the public to get to the $50 savings, they would first have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on the electric vehicle itself.

Most Americans just don’t have this kind of money to spend on pumping the administration’s pet alternative energy stocks. If they did, gas prices wouldn’t be a problem in so many people’s lives.

Avoiding the Clear Solution

While speaking with MSNBC, Granholm never once mentioned the role that US energy production would play in getting gas prices down to a reasonable level. Despite being the Energy Secretary, Granholm is no friend to energy independence in America whatsoever.

She is right onboard with Biden, who wants to ban fossil fuels and push oil and gas companies into non-existence.

As long as Biden, Granholm and others in the administration continue their refusal to block energy production here in the U.S., everyday Americans are going to keep paying the price.

At this point, the argument that electric vehicles are the fix to Biden’s energy crisis is an insult to the intelligence of the American people.