US Top Scientist Recruited For China Labs

Reports show that China was able to bribe top U.S. scientists to leave their work and start creating weapons for the communist country.

American scientists working on sensitive weapons technologies at the U.S.’ top nuclear lab were paid up to $1 million from China to leave their posts.

Strider Technologies reports Beijing’s plan to take 162 Chinese scientists who worked in U.S.-funded research and have them return to China with the top secret weapons information they learned.

The scientists studied and researched at Los Alamos National Laboratories, where the U.S. first developed nuclear weapons. The U.S. has funded the research for decades.

At least 13 of the scientists have returned to China after the country bribed them with “talent programs.” In turn, this gives Chinese research teams the sensitive information for them to be able to increase their hypersonic missiles and other weapon technologies that could one day be used against Americans.

The report’s primary author, Greg Levesque, said this move by China is a “direct threat to U.S. national security” and that “China is playing a game that we are not prepared for, and we need to really begin to mobilize.”

U.S. security secrets could have been leaked by one of the Chinese scientists with a “Q” Clearance which granted him access to top secret information.

“Our national security and defense require fierce protection of critical technology development,” a spokesperson from the Department of Energy told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

In 2020, a former Los Alamos employee pleaded guilty to being involved with China’s Talent Programs, which begs the question of why the U.S. has allowed China to have scientists here in the first place.

The Justice Department calls the controversial program “an initiative by the Chinese government to recruit people with access to and knowledge of foreign technology and intellectual property.” Unfortunately, it appears the DOJ has failed the American people once again.

Over the last ten years, the number of Chinese students, researchers and scientists entering the U.S. has significantly increased.

With heavy reliance on Chinese goods, the U.S. has found itself in a tricky situation with China. And with President Joe Biden’s threats to China regarding the Taiwan situation, having the communist country now increase their weapon technology could be devastating for the U.S.