Victor Davis Hanson Is Never Wrong Calling Democrats A Oligarchy


Sandford Professor at the Hoover Institution and everyman farmer Victor Davis Hanson continues to pound the Democrats. As a professor of the classics, he’s highly familiar with Greek history and war, among other topics. VDH makes comparisons that we should all pay attention to. He notes the similarities between ancient Rome and our nation.

Recently, Hanson pointed out how the modern Democrat Party has been transformed into an oligarchy of wealthy autocrats.

Davis detailed the transmogrification of the Democrat Party from a seemingly moderate center-left collection of special interest groups to an assimilated mass of Marxist ideology.

It begs the question, were Democrats ever reasonable, or were they playing the long game?

Democrats claimed to be the “working man” party, meaning the poor and lower-middle-class individuals who provide most of the goods and services in our economy. Now hard work is a joke. Anyone stupid enough to get a job instead of gaining government benefits or collecting unemployment is a sucker.

Civil rights were supposedly for the individual. Now Big Tech and wealthy industrialists who are politically connected donors get to call the shots on free speech.

When Democrats said we should beware of the “military-industrial complex,” this meant that we distrust the power and influence of corporations that pursue their interests at the expense of individuals and families. Democrats were supposed to be greatly concerned about retired generals with cushy defense contractor jobs. Not anymore. Now Biden is filling his top brass positions with members of the “revolving door” club.

Democrats used to oppose high gas and electricity prices because these disproportionately harm the “little guy.” They celebrate brownouts, restrictive environmental policies, and spiking inflation, dramatically increasing all costs to average everyday Americans.

Democrats used to say that they loved the First Amendment. Now canceling speakers, prohibiting “misinformation,” and shutting down the sitting President of the United States is justified. The party that celebrated pornography and bodily autonomy now want to force vaccinations of those individuals who exercise the right to decide what risks and treatments they want. Abortion is specifically not primarily about a woman’s own body but that of her unborn child. Injecting newly developed and experimental mRNA drugs is only about what happens to your body.

Democrat congress members investigated the CIA and FBI in the Church Commission. Now the intelligence community can be used to get back at conservatives who step out of line. The FBI and Pentagon can use their unchecked power to surveil and monitor Presidents, Congressmen, and news anchors who think they can do their job.

Is a prostitute a hypocrite if she sleeps around? She is immoral but not a hypocrite. She never claimed to be faithful.

Are Democrats hypocritical when they advance a plan to pack The Supreme Court? The Supreme Court’s independence and credibility are only helpful when Chief Justice Earl Warren or Ruth Bader Ginsberg holds sway. Don’t mistake Democrat positions for principles.

VDH is not wrong, but he may not go far enough in his analysis.

The courts have failed, the institutions are rotten, our systems are faltering, and the American culture is in upheaval. And, it would appear that everything is going according to plan.