Violence Sabotages Turning Point USA Event

As the midterm elections get closer, the uptick of political violence continues to surge.

Not long after Joe Biden wrote off “MAGA Republicans” as “semi-fascists,” a Central Florida GOP headquarters was vandalized with “eat sh*t, fascists.” Weeks after this happened, a canvasser for Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) campaign was beaten and hospitalized by thugs.

At this point, it’s more than apparent that leftists believe physical violence against those they disagree with is justifiable. This explains a recent fight between protesters in California that led to the cancellation of a Turning Point USA event.

Political Violence on the Rise
This past Tuesday, University of California Davis was set to host a speaking event featuring Stephen Davis, also known as “MAGA Hulk.” Many left-wing activists like Antifa weren’t happy about this event and intentionally created a scene.

This involved innocent bystanders being pepper sprayed, traffic cone thefts, the removal of barriers surrounding the event, and even banging on the building where MAGA Hulk was set to speak.

Footage of the demonstration shows that roughly 100 people clashed with one another

As this was happening, many people were already inside the venue. However, University of California Davis and other organizers decided canceling the event was in the best interests of everyone’s safety.

Once those in charge decided not to move forward, speakers and students with Turning Point USA were escorted from the premises for their own safety.

A Statement From University of California Davis
In a public statement, the university expressed its disappointment that the event with Turning Point USA wasn’t able to go on as planned. In doing so, the institution also claimed to support free speech, multiple perspectives, and the First Amendment.

However, some conservatives pointed out that remarks from the university left much to be desired. Notably, the university failed to specifically mention that Turning Point USA students were directly attacked by Antifa members.

With the left getting this event shut down like they wanted, there’s no doubt similar tactics will be employed against conservative speakers in the future.